A Feasibility Report

A Feasibility Report
Paper details:
Here are the instructions and what I have so far in the thesis for my report
What I have for a thesis statement you can use this in the report if needed but, it would give you an Idea to help with the topic

Thesis statement for feasibility report
“I am writing my feasibility report about my future career plans in which I plan to work in franchising and property leasing, even though I am majoring in business management and entrepreneurship. So far into my research I went and spoke with some retired business owners at small business administration here in Houston, asking them for advice on what owning a franchise is like for example a chick fila restaurant. They explained how things work and how to buy a franchise starting with the research to seeking the right location for opening a restaurant on a college campus, business district, downtown, or a family oriented neighborhood. What the steps for financing to own one and how much owning one would cost.”


Feasibility Report: Select a topic for your feasibility report and begin to gather data.
You may select your own individual report topic if you discuss your particular interests
with your instructor. Also see Report File on our course screen that contains additional
possible report topics.
INSTRUCTOR NO LATER THAN midnight on April 26, 2016. Please
e-mail your report to your instructor.
If sources are needed feel free to add them but if not do not worry about it

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