a small scale investment

the project may need Discounted cash flow(DCF) deta to do it.
My apologies for being so late sending out this notice. As we have discussed in class before the Spring Break, your second project is to analyze a real estate investment that you identify yourself. Ideally, this will be an existing property rather than a new development, but it is acceptable to also consider some component of redevelopment or renovation as part of the project. It can cover whatever sector you like, eg, multi-family, office, retail, etc and it is okay to be a small scale investment (e.g a small apartment block) rather than having to be very complex. What I am interested in is your ability to apply what you have learned in class to analyze a real-world investment. Make sure that you also identify a financing strategy if you plan to use borrowed funds. If you need help identifying an investment please let me know. In your analysis, make you you show cash flow projections and a pro forma for at least a five-year holding period (you can go up to 10 years).

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