ABC-X model

Thought Paper 4 Instructions
For Thought Paper 4 you are to use the ABC-X model as outlined in Chapter 13 of the course textbook. You will once again chose a source of media to apply to this model. With this model you will write a 1-2 page paper addressing three of the following things:

1. 1 paragraph written explaining your own understanding/explanation of the ABC-X model (IN YOUR OWN WORDS!)

2. 1 paragraph dedicated to applying the ABC-X model to a source of media (film or TV show) using specific examples and detail explaining how the model applies to the media.

3. And lastly 1 paragraph dedicated to applying the ABC-X model to an occurrence in your own life again using detail and specific examples of how something in your life applies to the model.

Be specific in your writing, citing examples to better clarify your explanations. Be sure to include in text citations and full citations throughout your paper and on a reference page for any material you use from the textbook and your media source (film or TV SHOW).

Follow the same formatting guidelines for all other Thought Papers as posted on ECampus.

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