Ancient Literature of China

1-Early Chinese Literature and Thought, pgs. 747-7552-Confucius, The Analects, Intro pgs. 766-770, pgs. 770-774
3-Laozi, Daodejing, Intro pgs. 780-782, I-III pgs. 782-783, XXXVII-XLII pgs. 788-789
4-Zhuangzi, pgs. 791-799

Please read this very carefully:=,
You are responsible for posting short personal responses to two of the readings.
ach entry MUST cover only one of the readings, so that each Journal Entry must from a different authors/work.Journal Entries for each reading should be 2 paragraphs long, and feature quotes from the text(s) in question.Topics for your reflection should be personal: What did you think of the excerpt or text in question What did you like What challenged you How do you feel like this text relates to your life, if at all Are there any characters to whom you can relate

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