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Please Submit you “Nutrients” report with this assignment –
Your assignment will not be graded without this report. No Resubmissions

Grading Criteria- 25 each part (3 parts)

Section Points Possible Your Points
Required Report 0 _________
Energy Balance 4 _________
Vitamin/Minerals Chart 14 _________
Micronutrient Questions 7 _________

Total Points 25 _________

a. Was your average calorie intake within +/-100 calories of your goal calories for each day
b. If you continue to consume the average number of calories indicated in your 3-day report calorie assessment, how much weight would you either gain or lose per month (30 days) (One pound = 3500 calories.)
(YOUR Ave total calories – YOUR Calorie Recommendation = calorie difference x 30 days /3500 calories )
Make sure youIndicate whether you would gain or lose weight (+/-). Show all calculations with units for full credit.
c. Do you need to adjust your energy intake If so, give 2 specific examples how you would get within 100 calories of your Recommended calorie amount.

2. Vitamins and Minerals: Comparing your Intake to the DRI’s
Use the “Nutrients” report to complete this chart. For highest food source, you can also use the “Food Tracker” page and use the graph on the right side of the page. For deficiency symptoms and food sources, please use your text book and/or class notes. Other sources will result in a loss of points.

Columns 1/2/3 = 5 pts; Column 4 = 5 pts; Columns 5/6 = 5 pts.
Mineral Actual Intake with Units Recom-mended Intake with Units % of recommended Highest food source over the 3-day period (complete regardless of intake) If less than 75% of therecommended intake, list 2 deficiency symptoms If less than 75% of the recommended intake, list 2 foods you could add to help meet your recommended intake


Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E




Vitamin B12



a. Based on the above chart and the answers to the questions, do you think you need to change your diet to improve your micronutrient intake Why or why not Explain.

a. List any/all foods/nutrients that may interfere with the absorption of calcium.
b. Please explain the relationship of vitamin D and calcium in regards to bone formation in 1-3 sentences
c. Please discuss outcomes of pregnancies deficiency in folic acid/folate in 3 sentences or less.
d. What role does vitamin B12 play in combination with folate inside the body.Explain the relationship
e. Explain the difference between heme and nonheme iron. Why is this important to know when choosing sources of iron
f. List 2 things that can enhance iron absorption
g. List 2 things that can inhibit iron absorption

Please Submit you “Nutrients” report with this assignment –
Your assignment will not be graded without this report. No Resubmissions

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