I need to answer these 6 question and I send the file for the pages (38-68) for the book.

In this lesson we are returning to the ritual described in Mama Lola in Chapter 2 (pages 38-68). This is Azaka’s birthday party that took place in 1984. Answer the following questions.

1. Where in Mama Lola’s home did this ritual take place Describe the ritual space in which the ritual took place.

2. Approximately how many people participated in this ritual How were they related to one another

3. Is this a periodic or occasional ritual Is this a prescriptive or situational ritual Explain how you arrived at your answer.

4. Using the classification of rituals that has been presented to you, and looking at the ritual overall, how would you label the particular ritual Explain how you arrived at your answer. Were there elements of other types of rituals present

5. During the last two weeks we have been studying religious symbols. List 3 religious symbols found in this ritual and describe each one. What does each symbol mean

6. This Vodou ritual contains a number of Catholic elements. Give one good example.

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