Assess the political environment

Assess the political environment

demonstrate the following objectives:

· Assess the political environment as it relates to solid waste and solid waste management.

· Summarize laws and standards related to solid waste management.

Instructions: The siting of a landfill is always contentious in a community due to operational issues with traffic and odors, and if you live close to the landfill you may deal with a decline in property values. Landfills will eventually generate leachate that can adversely impact the environment if the liner is breached, bringing toxicity to vegetation and contamination to ground water. Having a properly operating landfill can minimize many of these impacts to citizens and to the environment. This assignment will further explore these topics.

Answer the questions directly on this document. When you are finished, select “Save As,” and save the document using this format: Student ID_Unit# (ex. 1234567_UnitI). Upload this document to BlackBoard as a .doc, docx, or .rtf file. The specified word count is given for each question. At a minimum, you must use your textbook as a resource for these questions. Other sources may be used as needed. All material from outside sources (including your textbook) must be cited and referenced in APA format. Please include a reference list after each question.

1) A community generates 225 metric tonnes of municipal solid waste per year.

a. What is the actual average annual production of methane that a community should expect from the landfill operation in BTU per year?(For Part A, show all of your work.)

Heat Value = 530 Btu/ft3 (19,730 kJ/m3).

Average methane yield = 3,900 ft3/ton.”

BTU/year = 225 ton x 3,900 ft3 x 530 BTU

= 465,075,000 or 465 x 106 BTU/year

b. What are the factors, laws, or standards that can limit the amount of methane production in the landfill? (Your total response for Part B should be at least 200 words.)


The landfill owners are required to obtain permits and satisfy the requisite regulations. There are local land use approvals from the local planning agencies, state solid waste facility permits, waste discharge requirements and air quality permits from the local air districts.


There are legislations that provide framework for the reduction of GHG emissions governing the waste sector aimed at meting California’s waste reduction goals. The AB 32 aims to reduce the GHG emissions to the levels of 1990 by 2020 as well as reducing the emissions 80% below the 1990 levels by 2050. One of these early action measures is the control of landfill methane emissions. Also, the scoping plan of 2008 provided the need for commercial recycling and programs that provide alternative methods to landfilling. The ARB landfill measure which was adopted in 2009 imposes landfill gas collection and control system requirements aimed to reduce methane emissions from the landfills. The enforcement of the ARB landfill measure is expected to lead to emission reduction of 1.5 MMTCO2e which is higher than the 1.0 MMTCO2e goal.

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