Attitudes and Influence Attitudes

Please, could you follow the instructions attached on this order and answer Question #3.

3. Discuss how this insight relates to the difficulty marketers have when trying to get consumers to stop engaging in behaviors that are dangerous for them such as the use of illegal drugs

Could you please access the link below to read the consumer insight Resisting Brand Attacks and respond question # 3 Page 459 id=pEtY-aM2QgwC&pg=PA459&lpg=PA459&dq=Resisting+Brand+attacks&source=bl&ots=jEj9CuFcan&sig=uYC5AMkakR_LXrKpFg-xT4nwSiw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwil5qTWl6zQAhVowFQKHcsEAhQQ6AEINTAE#v=onepage&q=Resisting%20Brand%20attacks&f=false

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