Badke text and navigate the Leatherby

Badke text and navigate the Leatherby
The assignment shows us how and where to find books for a research topic, you can chose one that is easiest for you that you may already know. Just make sure you are following the assignment layout which is provided in the document that I have added.

Week 3, Assignment 1: Finding Books
In this assignment you will walk through Chapter 5 of your Badke text and navigate the Leatherby
Libraries online catalog and e-book collections to locate a book for your research topic. You will need to
find one book (print or e-book) that applies to your topic, write a citation and annotation for it, and
provide your search path. Detailed instructions are provided below. Part 1 (pp. 1-4) takes you step-bystep
through the process of searching for print books and e-books. Part 2 (beginning near the middle of
p. 4) explains what written work will need to be turned in for this assignment. There is also an example
of how this assignment should look on pp. 6-7 (see “Sample Assignment”). There are many steps
involved with this assignment since it incorporates your reading, tutorials and lecture for the week.
Please take your time and read the instructions very carefully. This assignment provides the opportunity
for you to increase your skills involved with searching for books in a variety of ways, including the use of
the Library’s online catalog and e-book collections. Additionally, these research skills will transfer to
future classes and projects when you need to find books. This assignment is worth 70 points and is due
by Sunday at midnight.

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