BEMM175 – Extra guidance for assignment 2 ? Quantitative or Qualitative Practical Report

As this report will be graded by the proficiency of using either SPSS or NVivo it is therefore compulsory that the software package selected is performed on the data. However, mitigating circumstances will be allowed if sufficient evidence is provided.
A small number of references will be required as this is a practical report a number of questions on both assignments require you to think about sampling and limitations of the dataset which require you to consider theory.
This assignment follows the style of a report not an essay. Presentation is Arial, 12 font and line spacing 1.5. Please see how to write a report on ELE. You can use headings and I would also expect to see the use of graphs and charts. The library also has lots of information on report writing in the study skills section and examples of reports.

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