bsl 4040, Communication Skills for Leaders unit 8

Unit VIII Final Project

Select a product that you like or a product you use. Design a sales presentation/campaign that introduces an idea for the product, or a better way to promote the product. This SECTION should be a minimum of two pages and include the six suggestions presented on pages 348-352 in your textbook:

How you will hook your listener

Identify the customer s key issues

Make the recommendation

Stress benefits, not features

Make the close

Respond to objections

Write a one-page formal business letter (sample on page 372) to your supervisor explaining your campaign. Write a one-half page office memo (sample on page 375) to your co-workers outlining the campaign.

Include all three writing pieces in one document. Add a conclusion to your document, summing up what you have learned from this writing process. Make sure to include any challenges you faced and/or surprises you encountered.

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