Case Studies Questions

Case Studies Questions

Create a PPAARE question with your group for a cardiopulmonary topic of your choice. In the NSU library, conduct a search for 2 articles that address your question. Provide detail on how they are relevant to addressing your question. Include the articles in your Reference page.

You will need to provide the database used, keywords used in your search, limiters or Boolean phrases, and the level of evidence of each article as described in your week one’s readings. All coursework must be in APA 6th ed. format. This assignment should be at a minimum of 2 pages not including title and reference pages. This assignment is due 2/13/2019 (100 points).

Complete the assignment using the template PPAARE Project template.

Title page
Introduction to include your PPAARE question and the relevance of the question
Complete PPAARE table.

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