central america (amar)

Paper details:https://www.aviation.ca/2014111318962/news/international/airline-news/airbus/18962-latin-american-and-caribbean-airlines-will-need-2300-aircraft-by-2033
Follow the link and read the article. Review the article and give your thoughts in the paper. Make sure to answer these questions in your review:

1. According to the article the growth of the GDP for this area will be greater than the average for the world. How do you think this will affect aviation in the area
2. Do you believe the area will be able to keep up with the demand for aircraft the article is predicting
3. With South American and North American airlines competing with the airlines of Central America, will this help keep the market in the area competitive Or will the stronger airlines from the South and North keep the airlines from this area stifled

Times New Roman, Font Size 12, Double Spaced, 2 Pages, be sure to cite any references used.

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