Change the orientation to Landscape.

Change the orientation to Landscape.

Check the Spelling in the workbook to identify and correct any spelling errors. (Hint: You should find and correct at least two spelling errors.)

Format the worksheet for printing as described below:

q. Change the orientation to Landscape.

r. Change the worksheet margins to Narrow.

s. Insert a header in the center section with the text 2018 Class Statistics.

t. Set the print area as the range A4:M28.

u. Scale the worksheet so that it prints on one page.

Switch back to Normal View.

Stella’s manager would like to emphasize certain visuals in the worksheet.

Create a Line chart from the nonadjacent ranges B8:M8 and B20:M20. Move the chart you just created to its own chart sheet. Use Monthly Revenue Chart as the name of the new chart sheet.

On the Monthly Revenue Chart worksheet, format the line chart with the following options:

v. Change the chart title to Total Revenue by Month.

w. Format the data labels using the Above positioning option.

Switch back to the Class Statistics worksheet. Use the Recommended Chart tool to create a Clustered Column chart based on the range A8:F13. Move the chart to its own chart sheet. Use the name Fall Attendance Chart as the name of the new chart sheet.

On the Fall Attendance Chart worksheet, format the clustered column chart with the following options:

x. Change the chart style to Chart Style 2.

y. Change the chart title to Fall Semester Class Attendance.

z. Add Number of Attendees as the primary vertical axis title.

aa. Add Fall Semester Months as the primary horizontal axis title.

Stella’s manager was very impressed with her work and would like her to include and format some other information as well.

Go to the Personal Trainers worksheet and make the following formatting changes:

ab. Rotate the labels in the range B3:B17 to 0 degrees.

ac. Copy the range C3:C5, then paste it into the range C6:C17. Use the paste option that pastes the values, but not the cell formatting.

ad. Set the fill color in cell C3 and the range D6:D8 to No Fill.

The center uses special codes to keep track of hours and process payments. These codes are made by typing the first three letters of the day followed by a dash, the start and end times separated by a colon, a dash, and then the first two letters of the first and last name of the trainer.

In cell E4, type Mon-11:1-LoWa. Select the range E3:E17, and use Flash Fill to fill the values in the range. [Mac Hint: Flash Fill is not available in Excel 2016 for Mac, so refer to the Final Figures to enter the text.]

In the Physical Therapists worksheet, select cell B3 and use the Freeze Panes option to freeze the rows and columns above and to the left of cell B3.

Select the Class Statistics, Personal Trainers, and Physical Therapists worksheets and then change the color of the sheet tabs to Turquoise, Accent 3 (7th column, 1st row of the Theme Colors palette).

Your workbook should look like the Final Figures on the following pages. (The value in cell F10 generated by the Goal Seek analysis has intentionally been blurred out in Final Figure 3.) Save your changes, close the workbook, and then exit Excel. Follow the directions on the SAM website to submit your completed project.

Final Figure 1: Monthly Revenue Chart Worksheet

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