Character Analysis

use a character from a movie of your choice to analyze by applying psychological theory. you should include the characters underlying sensations and perceptions, parts of the brain that may br affected and learning styles. you should explore the characters memory, intelligence, motivations and emotions as well as thier overall consciousness. you’re explination should include detailed analysis of the psychological terminology and concepts. how do these connect to your character you should inculde behavioral observations if you make a statement you need to follow up with a specific example exsample ( tom had a flashbulb memory which occurs when a highly emotional or shocking memory is recalled this happend when he clearly recalled where he was and what he was doing when he heard the news of his fathers death in other words define the term you are using and give an appropriate exsample) should include ( perspectives,research,biology, and behavior, sensation and perception and altered states of consciousness, learning, memory , cognition, social psychology , and psychological disorders.** ( if you need the book i have an ebook online i can give you my information so you can acess it )***

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