Chemicad Answer Asap

Chemicad Answer Asap

Homework 8


Starting the Project

Draw it out first.

Most of the segments can be considered redundant (in parallel to a backup pump or compressor). Do you need them?

I.E. if you size one segment, should you model the same identical one?

Most of these valves/fittings can be found within the pipe segment

Start early. Don’t wait until the last minute

I’ve set you up in groups on Blackboard. Can share data/information there. Can send group emails or email

Grading Rubric

Technical Work and Documentation

Each student is to submit their own report, you may work in groups but please write your reports individually.

Write 1-2 pages of what you did meaning what methods did you use to set up the piping system and tell me if you ran into any problems with the set up along with the results that you were able to obtain.

Your report should include the follow:

pipe sizes for each section of piping in an excel spreadsheet [TABLE], same as you did for homework 5

data from your pumps or compressors

a screen shot of your piping system

Reports for all streams in your system, same as you did for homework 5

Writing Quality

This is a pretty self-explanatory section.

Write well and you will get full points.

Please no blurry screenshots and make sure that all of the pages are oriented the same way.

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