Chemistry Essay

On a working day a laboratory technician discovered yellow-green fumes when he
opened a bottle that had been stored inside a storage container.
How would you advise him to handle the emission of these fumes
You may use the 5W1H principle:
0 What is a possible cause of the yellow fumes (i.e. identify the
Io Where did the emission of yellow-green fumes occur (the
0 Who is the person (e.g. a trained personnel) who will handle this

0 When did the emission of yellow-fumes take place (e.g. during an
experiment; while in storage etc)

o How will the trained person handle this hazard once the source 0′
the fumes is identified (i.e. list some risk control measures by
referring to a Safety Datasheet once the fumes/chemical spill is

0 Why did it happen and what needs to be done to prevent futur
occurrences (e.g. report, investigate, corrective and preventiv

Duration: 60 mins.

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