Child life theory and practice assignment

Child life theory and practice assignment

Assignment Instructions
My Education and Certification Plan
Visit the Child Life Council ( )and reflect on what Child Life does and how you envision Child Life philosophies will impact your future career with children and families. Then use the table at the bottom of My Education and Certification Plan to create your own education and certification goals, and a plan for how you will achieve these goals.
My Education and Certification Plan Grading Rubric

My Education and Certification Plan

Development Questionnaire
This questionnaire can help you begin thinking about your likes, dislikes, goals, and abilities. Reflecting on these items can greatly assist you in developing your plan. As you go through the questionnaire, jot down your response.
Current Position
Are you currently working If so, where
Education and Certification Goals
Where do you see yourself one year from now
What would you need to achieve now to accomplish this
Untapped Abilities
Is there something more that you could do that would make a greater contribution to your education and certification goals
Goal Setting
Development Targets
What skills do you want to develop/improve
Performance Goals
What will improve as a result of this
How will you benefit What strategies will you use to help you improve
What obstacles exist
How will you manage these
Who can help you
There are four components of an effective plan. Give careful thought to these components when selecting how you will develop your new skills.
Development Method
Identify how the skill will be developed. There are a variety of methods by which a new skill can be obtained. Some common methods include:
Continuing education
Coaching (a relationship between a supportive and skilled coaching professional and an individual)
Success Measure
It’s important to know when you’ve met your goal. Identify one or more observable results that will indicate success:
What result can you expect once you are more skilled or knowledgeable in the area
Why do you want to achieve this goal
What will it do for you
For others
Development Support
We all need help to not only development new skills but to maintain the new. Identify resources, feedback, permissions, tools, coaching and other assistance:
What do you need to support your goal
Who do you need this assistance from
What are you concerned about
What barriers do you anticipate
How can others help you avoid or get past the barriers
My Goals
My education and certification goal(s) for this year:

My Plan Example

Action Planned
By when
With help from…
Review Date
Indicators of Success
Assess how to become a CLS
Visit CLC website
Next Friday
Husband will watch the kids
In two weeks
This assignment is complete

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