After reading Chapter 2 (Perception), list ten words to describe how you perceive yourself. Include a variety of types of descriptors: roles, skills, physical

attributes, strengths, personality characteristics, and so on. Now have a family member, a close friend, and an acquaintance each list ten words to describe how they

perceive you. (You���ll end up with four lists of words: yours plus three others.) Include all four lists in your assignment.

In one paragraph, analyze the differences and similarities between the lists. Do the four lists represent four different ways of perceiving you Where the lists

differ, can you explain why

In a second paragraph, write about reading the others��� words about you made you feel. Does your self-concept align with how other people see you Does this feedback

from others confirm or validate your self-concept Does it challenge or change elements of your self-concept

Your grade is based on three areas, all having equal weight:

Completeness (all elements of prompt were addressed)
Depth of insight and reflection (I���m looking for thoughtful responses that show you’ve done the reading and actually thought about it)
Mechanics (writing style, typos, grammar)

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