The Speech Communication Research Project & Presentation is a project in which an individual student conducts research and become an expert on a topic of their choice within communication. Each student will conduct research on a topic and prepare a PowerPoint to present information. The project begins its development over the semester and is due mid-semester.

In my classes, the topics must be communication related.

You must utilize 5-sources to help you present information:
1. Your textbook can be your first source.
2. You must find 3 academic FULL articles.
3. The fifth source is up to you. You may find a book or another article.

As you begin the research on a topic, you will be able to make decisions on how to divide the information. Be extremely careful in your summary of the information you find. Using a quote for one of your sources is NOT an effective use of time or information. If there is any doubt about copyright, please reference the material.

The purpose of each student s PowerPoint-supported presentation should be to inform the presenter s audience.
Topic must be pre-approved by course instructor and must relate to the general area of human communication theory and practice.
1. Presentation minimum time: 4 minutes; maximum time: 8 minutes
2. PowerPoint Slides: 10 (minimum), 18 (maximum)
3. Three ideas (minimum) must compose a progressive revelation sequence.
4. Four visual elements (minimum) must present one (each) from the following list of components:
a) picture
b) chart or table
b) link to an internet location
c) motion media clip no longer than 1 minute (either of yourself presenting or a media clip found on, or similar website)
5. PowerPoint visual elements should support speaker credibility with in-text citations for referenced material that is presented within the PowerPoint program.
6. One visual element (minimum) at the end of presentation is required and should contain reference citations. (APA format only) (Five academic references are considered minimum)
7. Must include a personal story that connects you with the information collected.

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