Computer Architecture and Diagnostics

Computer Architecture and DiagnosticsAssignment: Research Problem 2
Read the Research Problem #3 from Chapter 3 in your textbook
I just want you to visit the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) (the problem states either this or Java 2 Platform but just use the MFC). It can be found at the URL below:
This link takes you to the general area of MFC and you may need to navigate through the left menu to find the information you need for the research problem.

• The Research Problem should include 2 pages
o This does not include title pages or reference pages
o This is at least 2 FULL written pages
1. Summary of the research problem
a. This should be thorough enough (but not plagiarized (meaning in your own words)) to give a reader a very good idea of:
i. Object-oriented programming
1. advantages
ii. Classes
iii. Class libraries
1. When explaining this you can also give examples of other libraries
a. One such other library you can mention as an example is Java 2 Platform since it was mentioned in the problem
b. Another example of a library that is taught in the Web page design course (CIS355) is jQuery
iv. Data structures
v. Methods
vi. What programming does MFC support
2. Answer to the questions for the research problem which are based on the textbook readings or outside sources (these are not your opinion but you can include comments)
Q1: what data structures are supported by the library
Q2: what types of data are recommended for use with each data structure object
Q3: which classes contain which data structures, and what methods does the library provide
a. Mainly you are going to get your information from the site to answer the questions but, you can use other article that explain MFC to support your answers
3. Conclusion which is your thoughts on the research problem and its contents
• In completing the research problem I want at least 3 in-text citations referencing the text book material or an outside source backing up your comments/answers

• All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules
o No paragraph spacing
o Double spaced/12pt font size/Times New Roman
o 1” margins (top, bottom, left and right)
o References and in-text citations follows the APA rules

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