Consumer Behavior Interview Paper

Assignment # 1 ”The Interview” (15% of the final grade)
As a newly minted Consumer Behavior Researcher your assignment is to conduct an interview (about 30 minutes in length) with a person (respondent) who is not a member of your family. The respondent needs to be qualified to participate. In other words, you are looking for a respondent who has recently purchased a product priced at more than $50. Your goal is to understand why the interviewee purchased this particular product/brand, and to understand the product s place in the consumers life. Probe for segmentation variables that cannot be observed which represent all four bases of segmenting variables. Spend most of your time during the interview probing/researching external influences that shaped this particular purchase (influences like family, culture, and social class see Week 3 for thorough list).

Make note of body language during the interview as this is a big indicator of things not verbally communicated but which are relevant when a researcher writes about their findings. The write up of results is required to be no more than 4 pages, double spaced. Keep in mind that this report needs to be useful to a marketing manager for the product (so use your Principles of Marketing language AND the language of Consumer Behavior to convey concepts observed and researched).

The following headings are required and helpful to ensure nothing has been left out (use in order):

IntroductionDescribe the interviewee using the four bases of segmentation, at least two segmentation variables to represent each base.
Brand ChoiceIdentify the brand, how much it was and where purchased.

For 3-5. Identify the three of the external influences:

External Influence #1__ (identify it and explore using applied concepts)
External Influence #2 (identify it and explore using applied concepts)
External Influence #3 (identify it and explore using applied concepts)
Conclusion: Which of the influences was most impactful when making this purchase Make note of body language- were there any non verbal messages conveyed in the interview Last, which type of consumer research was done for this exercise

Logistics Run Down:

-No more than four pages in length (does not include cover page or bibliography)

-Include a cover page and bibliography if you quote your source they should be listed in the bibliography as an interview. Outside sources (esp. learning resources from weeks covered) are encouraged.

-Organize and utilize the headings given above.

-No more than 2 grammatical/spelling errors are allowed (please proof before submitting).

-Text is required to be in Times Roman, 12 pt font, double space the text.

– Keep voice in business third person. Do not include visuals in text analysis, if need to add create an appendix and refer your reader to such.

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