Critical thinking assignment on Corporate finance article link provided. Just discuess the financial effects of the
operations. Also please ensure this assignment is written well and discusses what is required as this is Masters
level. If you cannot do it on this level please let me know

I would like to use the following article to write the assignment on: Below are criteria.

Please write this in outstanding English and a Master s level. If this is not possible, please let me know.

Critical Thinking Assignment Students are required to prepare a written assignment about a current issue that addresses finance, economic events, or other factors that impact upon the operations of companies doing business in domestic, multinational,
and/or global markets. The assignment should demonstrate the ability to critically think about issues related to corporate finance. An oral presentation and confidential peer review by classmates is required.

Summary: Company buys drugs and sells them really high and making cray profits. When congress tells them too high and they need to lower their insurance billings they re in deep trouble cuz they have lots of leverage and debt.

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