Creating an outline and annotated bibliography of the book “Shanghai girls”

Paper details
Once you start reading the book, you need to determine its major themes and how they reflect the history of our state. To be able to accomplish this goal, you need to research the historical time period in the book and the particular issue/s it depicts. I would like you to consult at least three different sources. The following are examples of possible source materials: scholarly books and articles (also ones published online); Internet websites (museums, National Archives, Smithsonian, etc.); newspapers; visual material (historical photography etc.); primary source materials. The assignment (double-spaced) needs to include the following elements:
Your name
Title, author and publication information for the book
One-paragraph introduction where you address the issues that have come up in your research (these issues can be questions you still have, problems in researching the topics, or just a general discussion of how your project is going the point is to give me a good sense of how things are going so that I can give you some meaningful advice in my feedback).
A detailed outline for the paper again, I need to have enough information about how you plan to approach the book and to connect it with historical fact so that I can provide feedback and suggestions
Annotated bibliography (see Course Resources page for links on how to write one)

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