Creative 2 Page Paper

For this paper, you will produce a page of creative writing (e.g. a fictional story, autobiography, jeremiad, poem, etc.) in response to the prompt below AND a page of academic analysis that explains how you believe your creative work meets the prompt guidelines and responds to concepts, theories, themes, or generic forms from class.

PROMPT (part 1):
Select an author or character that intrigues you. Then, using whatver genre form you prefer ( story, poem, journal entry, letter, speech, etc.), *****pretend you are that author or character and respond to the question, “What makes you American ”. As you write, consider the personality of the author/character as well as his/her writing style, goals, complaints, vices, virtues and motivatinos. Each of these should inform your construction of his/her response.****** The goal is to demonstrate a creative study of the author or character.

Part 2:

For the academic analysis portion of this assignment, you will need to write an organized and clear argument that identifies and analyzes the course concepts, theories, and/themes you considered, employed, or are commenting upon in your creative text. Do not assume your audience knows everything you know.

Author options: Edgar Allan Poe, Angelina E. Grimke, James Fenimore Cooper

MLA Format** 12-point font, times new roman, one inch margins. 2 pages long – not including Works Cited.

Basically 1 page is answering the question as if you are the author, the 2nd page is the academic analysis portion.

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