Criminal Justice 50 Multiple Choice

Criminal Justice 50 Multiple Choice

The Latin term meaning “father of his country” which is implied as meaning the government is the true guardian of the needy and infirmed children.

______ were a sixteenth century English set of laws which vagrants and abandoned and neglected children were bound to masters as indentured servants.

Early English courts established to protect the property rights and welfare of the minor children of affluent families.

Civic leaders who focused their attention on the misdeeds of poor children to control their behavior were called:

In 1816, The Society for the Prevention of Pauperism was established to:

When the first House of Refuge opened in New York the Society for the Prevention of Pauperism and the ______ were influential in establishing such positive steps for juveniles.

In 1853, New York philanthropist Charles Loring Brace helped developed the ___________ as an alternative for dealing with neglected and delinquent youths.

The first juvenile court was established in this state in 1899.

The Juvenile Court Act of 1899 set up an independent court to handle criminal law violations by children under 16 years of age as well as created:

The case of the Kent v. United States (1966) ruled that:

The _______________ established the a federal office on delinquency prevention and was enacted to identify the needs of youth and to fund programs aimed at deterring juvenile crime.

A noncriminal youth who falls under the jurisdiction of the courts by reason of having engaged in behavior prohibited to minors, such as truancy.

The Court case of ____ ruled that a minor has basic due process rights at trial.

The Court case of ____ ruled that the level of evidence for the finding of juvenile delinquency is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Held that the Fourth Amendment guarantee against unreasonable searches is not violated by drug testing all students who choose to participate in interscholastic athletics.

In 1974, Congress passed the __________, which provides funds to states to bolster their services for maltreated children and their parents.

According to the shifting philosophies of juvenile justice outlined in your text, the time from 1950-1970 recognized that:

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