cultural stereotypes

cultural stereotypes

assignment asks you to design a project that increases our understanding of a cultural stereotypes and communication with specific cultural group( I chose Latino.) Overall evaluation of this project will be based on application of theory, integration of concepts, and clarity of writing.

This project aims to enhance your collaborative skills in a group setting as well as the capacity to conduct practical analysis based on real-world intercultural communication examples. Critical and deep thinking are necessary for the quality of this project.

  • Written Paper (20 pts): You will find a certain cultural group together, explaining its history of coming into being, especially recognized stereotypes regarding this group (concepts regarding stereotypes could be find in Ch.11), pros and cons of brought by the stereotype, how people within the cultural group feel about it, how they interact with the outsiders, how they are different from as well as similar with the outsiders, along with your theoretical thoughts of the cultural group.

This essay should be 9-10 pages, incorporating theories, concepts, and skills you learned in the class.

  • Group Presentations (15 pts): The project will be presented to the class in a 15-minute presentation.

For completing this project, you must aggregate your collective research, perceptions, and analysis of the selected cultural group into a presentation that includes cultural norms and conflicts. You will be required to prepare handouts or necessary materials for the class.

I will attach the textbook with this link, and This work must be based on the theories from the textbook and doing related researches.

The essay is due on Nov, 10. And the PPT should be due one week later. the form of the essay should be double space new rome 12.

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