Culture Assignment

For this assignment, please read three short articles:1 – 20 ways Zappos reinforces its company culture
2 – Tony Hsieh’s office
3 – Zappos says goodbye to bosses

Once you’ve read these three articles, please answer the following question:
Using course theories (I uploaded 4 course material), please analyze the influence of Zappos’ new structure of holacracy and how it will affect organizational culture. Will this positively influence culture or not Take a stand. Describe why.
Culture assignment
Culture assignment
Criteria Ratings Pts
Use of course concepts Excellent choice of- and use of course concepts
14 pts Strong choice and use of course concepts.
11 pts Good use of course concepts, but concepts chosen were not the best choice given the Zappos case
7 pts Use- or choice- of course concepts could have been better
4 pts No Marks
0 pts
14 pts
Analysis Persuaive and insighful analysis
12 pts Robust analysis that hit most of the right notes but could have been helped by more details, or in some cases, less detail
10 pts Moderately good analysis, that made a couple of good points.
6 pts Analysis could have been better.
4 pts No Marks
0 pts
12 pts
Professional appearance Professional presentation and writing
4 pts Well presented and written
3 pts Writing was mostly clear but I would have liked to see stronger editing
2 pts Writing or presentation needed work
1 pts No Marks
0 pts
4 pts
Total Points: 30

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