current developments in global financial market

This assignment was designed to facilitate learning by following current developments in globalfinancial markets. You are expected to prepare up to two pages commentary about a current
development. Your account of the event story in the article should be complete and reflect your
interpretation of the issue. You are not allowed to cut and paste from the source. I expect
you to develop your own narrative and explanations after filtering through the
information. I will ask you to briefly review your story at the beginning of each class. If you fail to
submit this assignment on time you will not receive any credit. If you fail to submit 2 weekly reviews,
you will get “0” credit for the whole assignment. I will not grade first submission to provide you
feedback. You will receive grades starting with the secon assignment. Reviews should be uploaded
in Blackboard in Microsoft Word file format. Assignments posted late will not be graded.
More Specific Guidelines:
1. You should cover some major developments and issues in global financial markets. The
articles used should be up to date, relevant to the topics discussed in the class and
comprehensive enough to help you understand the issue and comment on it.
2. You can easily find articles in Financial Times, Wall Street Journal or The Economist
Magazine. Very Short news reports without proper background information should
not be used for this exercise. Copies of the articles used should be attached with the
summary. Please do not use unedited online sources.
3. You should strictly adhere to the following format for this exercise:
a. Title of your commentary
b. Summarize the issue you are covering, emphasize your main arguments and points
(about ½ page)
c. What information or ideas discussed in your review are also pertinent to our class
discussions, book chapters and assigned readings
d. What did you learn from this review Briefly state what you took away from your
e. Provide a list and definitions of the new terms and concepts you learned from your
The answers to these questions should not exceed two double-spaced pages (12pts characters).
Please do not copy and paste parts of the article. Answer the questions after you fully absorb the
material you are using. You should also pay attention to sentence structures, grammar and spelling
in your writing. Poor grammar and spelling errors will result in loss points.
Assignments will help you to develop a perspective in the subjects covered in the class.

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