Describe the narrator’s relationship with Peter.

Describe the narrator’s relationship with Peter.


  1. FIRST RESPONSE. Do you agree with Weldon’s first line, “This is a sad

story”? Explain why or why not.

  1. How does the rain establish the mood for the story in the first five


  1. Characterize Peter. What details concerning him reveal his personality?
  2. Describe the narrator’s relationship with Peter. How do you think he

regards her? Why is she attracted to him?

  1. Why is Sarajevo important for the story’s setting? What is the effect of having the story of Princip’s assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife woven through the plot?
  2. Describe Mrs. Piper. Though she doesn’t appear in the story, she does have an important role. What do you think her role is?
  3. What is “Ind Aff” ? Why is it an important element of this story?
  4. What is the significance of the two waiters (paras. 38-41)? How do they affect the narrator?
  5. Why does the narrator decide to go home (para. 46)? Do you think she makes a reasoned or an impulsive decision? Explain why you think so.
  6. CONNECTION TO ANOTHER SELECTION. Compare and contrast “IND AFF” and David Updike’s “Summer” (p. 155) as love stories. DO you think that the stories end happily or the way you would want them to? Are the endings problematic?


Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mark Halliday earned a B.A. and an from Brown University and a Ph.D. from Brandeis University. A teacher


Ohio University, his short stories and poems have appeared in a variety of

periodicals, including the Massachusetts Review, Michigan Quarterly Re

view, Chicago Review, and the New Republic. Among his six collections of

poetry, Little Star was selected by the National Poetry Series for publication

in 1987. He has also written a critical study on poet Wallace Stevens titled

Stevens and the Interpersonal (1991).

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