Describe the pre-trial process for a fictional character

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper in which you describe the pre-trial process for a fictional character named Daniel Mayfruit. Mayfruit has been arrested for the crime of homicide in your home state.
Include the following components in your paper:

• Discuss steps that must take place in the criminal justice process between Mayfruit’s arrest and the actual trial in his case. Cover any rights that Mayfruit has during this pre-trial period.

• Include a discussion of the rules governing discovery in criminal cases in your home state, and why discovery can be important for Mayfruit and the prosecution.

• Assume that Mayfruit’s criminal charge of homicide was based on evidence obtained from inside an automobile that Mayfruit was driving at the time he was pulled over by police and a question arises as to the validity of the traffic stop. What types of pre-trial motions and evidentiary issues might Mayfruit’s defense attorney present to the court for consideration prior to the commencement of the trial

• Depending on the outcome of the pre-trial motions, Mayfruit and his attorney may wish to consider attempting to negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor. Discuss how the process of plea bargaining works and what types of plea bargains are available.

• Discuss the various pleas that Mayfruit could enter in this case and the ramifications of each.

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