develop an appreciation of unusual practices

develop an appreciation of unusual practices

Surprisingly, many were able to come up with a conclusion that
Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on big five personality. Many researchers directed their interest in human personality. Surprisingly, many were able to come up with a conclusion that there are five traits that are able to provide an objective description of one’s personality and predict rather accurately one’s behavior. This paper will examine the so called Big Five personality traits, focusing on the history of their research as well as their meanings.

History of Big Five personality traits research

One should point out that the idea that personality might be described in a limited set of traits has always been present. However, it was not until Ernest Tupes and Raymond Christal in 1961 decided to process Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire as worked out five traits that could be sufficient to evaluate a personality of a person (Gilbert, 1991). However, the research did not receive the appropriate attention until Goldberg conducted an independent study and came up with the similar results in 1990. It must be noted that there has been a series of researches which were conducted by different scholars, for example Costa and McCrae or Norman, that provided the validity of the hypothesis that the original inquire into the matter had. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to suggest that the existence of fire personality traits has been verified by independent investigation at different times.

Openness to experience

While there is no particular list of the traits, they are usually reviewed in an order that would allow them to form the acronym OCEAN. So, the first personality trait that will be analyzed is Openness to experience. As one can easily see for the very name of it, this trait is responsible for the outlook of a person: those who score high on this one tend to be creative as well as enthusiastic about art (Daft, 2005). Their people want to try new things and gain new experience since that makes them joyful. In addition to that, people who are characterized by the openness of experience are likely to develop an appreciation of unusual practices as well as hold liberal positions on controversial topics. Because of the free flow of their mind, they are likely to think in symbols rather than in concrete ideas.

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