Drug cravings 11) Elicitation effect

Microsoft Word – Guthre Learning Assignment.doc 3D Categorizing Grid: Instructions: Each of the 36 words/phrases listed below relates to classical conditioning (CC), operant conditioning (OC), or observational learning (Obs). Your task is to categorize (sort) these words and phrases into 3 groups. Check the appropriate box or boxes for each item. Note that each item may represent one, two, or all three types of learning. When you have completed this worksheet, enter your answers into the assessment posted in the Unit 3 – Assignments folder. 1) A form of learning 2) Anticipation 3) Associating behavior and consequence 4) Associating 2 stimuli 5) Bandura 6) Behavior modification 7) Bobo doll experiment 8) Discrimination 9) Disinhibitory effect 10) Drug cravings 11) Elicitation effect 12) Extinction 13) Fixed or variable 14) Generalization 15) Inhibitory effect 16) Learned helplessness 17) Little Albert 18) Model 19) Must involve a reflex 20) Neutral stimulus 21) Pavlov 22) Punishment 23) Ratio or interval 24) Reinforcement 25) Skinner 26) Slot machines 27) Social learning 28) Spontaneous recovery 29) Target behavior 30) Taste aversion 31) Time out 32) Token economy 33) TV violence affecting kids 34) US, UR, CS, CR 35) Vicarious reinforcement 36) Watson What are the relates to each one there could be more then one as well.

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