“Duetto – Industry Transformation through Big Data”.

Paper details
1. Briefly summarize the case.
2. What went wrong Discuss the key issues addressed in the case.
3. Provide suggestions. When providing suggestions it is extremely important that you connect the issues to the case to content in the book chapters. It is not enough to just vaguely talk about issues like “poor management” or “lack of communication”. It should be very clear that you have read and understood the book chapters from the quality of your recommendations.
4. Extend and strengthen your suggestions with outside research. Find and cite articles that back up your ideas. Some ideas for research include.
Did other companies face similar issues
If the case is a real company, how are they doing today
If the case deals with a real industry, how have other companies in the industry handled similar issues
Have other companies been successful implementing your suggestions
Google Scholar (http://www.google.com/scholar) is a great place for finding good academic articles.

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