Economics Research Paper

Scholars MUST have access to resources/databases from academic libraries such as – (IBISWorld, PrivCo, Business Source Premier, MergentOnline etc.)

Scholars must be knowledgable and comfortable with the subject (The U.S Economy, Culture, and Sports).

Attached is a 4 page paper of a very general research, thesis, and bibliography. I expect scholar to deliver more variables and narrow down the topic as much as possible.

Please continue the paper

Tips and d directions for continuing:

– Be precise and resourceful.

– Incorporate the culture of sports within the country.

– Compare and contrast the differences of fantasy sports and its culture in the U.S and other countries, (why does it GENERATE so much revenue and takes up so much time of the week).

– How are fantasy sports different from gambling Are they IF yes, how If not

– What are the possible factors that drives this strong “culture” of sports and fantasy sports in the U.S

– Needs 6 (six) more pages of written research (excluding bibliography).

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