Ecotopia “Temperate Decidious Forest”

Write a 1100- word research paper covering my responsibilities for my ecotopia. Your Ectopia is starting with nothing and your building it from scratch . Also the ones that say policy, you have to make a policy for them.

1.Secretary of sustainable energy
2.Recycling Czar (waste, toxic waste, nuclear waste, Enviornmental hazards)
3. Secrtary of sustainable Agriculture and Humane Livestock Policy Czar ( food, soil, pest management, livestock).
4.Secretary of sustainable trade
5.secretaery of Enviornmental security (considers the effects of potiential Enviornmental degradation Global geopolitics, water scarcities, Enviornmental refugees, potential armed conflict over scarce
6. Chair of Seventh Generation Protectorate (comforts effects of decisions on future generations)

APA format
12-point font
Doubled space
One inch margins
Footnotes or endnotes
reference cited
Do not cut and paste from Internet without properly citing the source, even if you change it around in your own words still cite it or they consider it plagerism, Without Quatrain marks and footboard

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