Emergency Management Comparison

Emergency Management Comparison
Paper details:

Compare the information and related resources provided with respect to the 9/11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Sandy. These disaster events span from 2001 through 2012, thereby providing a good time frame for analysis of impact on our emergency management systems, changes in governmental policy, etc. In particular, since this course deals with the management of critical incident operations, please focus on the governmental response to these events, addressing the following areas for each disaster event:
The technology and plans in place prior to each event
How the technology and plans were utilized before, during, and after the event
The effectiveness of the National Response Framework, the National Incident Management, and the Incident Command System (please note that there have been name changes, additions, etc., during the time frame under consideration)
Who were the decision-makers: how did they communicate and collaborate with various stakeholders
The quality of decisions made by all levels of government and the private sector in light of various systems and data available
The consequences of those decisions, both short and long-term, to both government and the private sector
Lessons learned, including what worked and didn’t work for each disaster event, why, and recommendations to avoid the same problems from occurring in the future
The Research Paper component of this course will consist of a minimum 2500 word paper prepared according to APA style

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