Equity and Diversity in the Workplace.

Equity and Diversity in the Workplace.
Paper Details
– this assignment is actually a journal review with four articles.

Instructions for Journal Review: is under the attached file 1 (workbook and journal review answer book 2016) and other file that you might needed has been given.

Some important instructions that includes in the file 1: (pls open and get more details)

– 4 academic journal articles
– cite each of these in the body of the review
Includes a proper APA reference list at the end of the review

Write a journal review on the journal article posted on stream. The article is:
Houkamau, C., & Boxall, P. (2011). The incidence and impacts of diversity management: A survey of New Zealand employees. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, 49(4), 440-460. doi:10.1177/1038411111422314

Choose four other JOURNAL articles (plus other articles like industry journals or other material) to use to read and critique the article

An example of a journal review can be found here: http://servicethlinking.blogspot.co.nz/2014/07/journal-review-example-emotions-at-work.html.

For, 114.330 Equity and Diversity in the Workplace ( Assignment 1). I am not sure what notes you can use for this asiignment (review) so here are some notes that teacher gave in class, all are included here.

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