Order DescriptionBook report on : The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Fox, 3rd revised ed.

Must use at least 6 quotes from the book !

What to include in the book report I would like to see an analysis of the book, discussion of relevant concepts, and lessons learned. Your report, at the minimum, must demonstrate an understanding of the following concepts:
• Goal of a company and how that goal is achieved.
• Financial and operational measurements
• Productivity: a detailed understanding as related to the goal
• Bottlenecks: definition and a detailed discussion
• Managing bottlenecks and measures to provide more capacity at a bottleneck
• Balancing capacity versus balancing flow
• Dependent events and statistical fluctuations
• Five steps of TOC problem solving process with detailed discussion
• Activation versus utilization of resources
• Role of batch sizes in scheduling
Please Do Not prepare your report as to discuss above items one by one. Instead demonstrate clear understanding of these concepts in your report by means of discussions and examples within your report. One option would be to discuss the Theory of Constraints principles and the general approach of five steps for TOC problem solving. You may also choose to relate the concepts to a real-life situation and discuss the concepts in terms of situations at your work place. Including your opinion, examples, and applications will enrich your report. You must provide a reference if you take any material from the Internet. Please do not provide a summary of Alex Rogo’s personal life as the book report.
Please note that I print all reports to grade. To maintain uniform standards and to ensure fair grading I insist that you MUST follow the following steps when submitting the report. Deviations from these guidelines would result in a partial loss of points (out of 20)
1.Type your work in as WORD document. (violation -1 point)
2. Use Times New Roman 12-point font, 1.5 line space, and 1″ margin only all around. (violation -1 point)
3.Indent the first line of a paragraph with no line space between paragraphs. (violation -1 point)
4. Click “Save as” and name your Word file to include your team name.
5. Click “Save as type” till the box drops. Save your file using “Rich Text Format”.
6. Open the document yourself to confirm everything is correct (e.g., that it is the right file).

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