evaluate a company for which you have not received the information

evaluate a company for which you have not received the information

making strategy on the screen which would

contribute to their grade.

NOTE: make sure to read this document thoroughly and pay attention to the

important details. Please also read Harvard simulation guides and watch their


Step 1: Pre-Work

 Download the Foreground Reading to learn more about the U.S. wine industry and the

simulation context. Read and use the information.

 Download the Terminology Primer to review key terms before beginning the simulation.

Carefully pay attention to the details

 Complete the Valuation Exercise (if required by your instructor) report and submit

by the deadline set in the syllabus’s course schedule via Turnitin:

o Important: Do not click on “I have submitted evaluation report”, unless you have

finalized your report on Turnitin. As soon as you click on “I have submitted

evaluation report” after you finalize your report on Turnitin, your report is

considered to be submitted on Turnitin and you cannot change it.

o You have access to the excel files for only 2 companies and some foreground

reading. You are not required to analyze IB Company, if you do not have its

financial information. You can write your report based on available information

and any research that you do using online resources (industry and economic

analyses for example).

o You submit your individual report before the deadline which is set in the syllabus.

It means the first 5 pages of your report should only and only reflect your own

work: your analysis, your findings and your recommendations in your own words.

You are allowed to work with your team on the case. For example, a group of four

students should submit 4 individual reports. While individuals can use their group’s

findings in their report, the main part (maximum 5 pages) of the report must be

organized and written individually to reflect the individual’s opinion on the case.

The main part of the report will be checked for potential plagiarism by Turnitin

software and the instructor. It is student’s responsibility to ensure that all citations

are done properly in the main body of the report and there is no plagiarism in the

report. For example, team members cannot copy-paste the same analysis as part of

the main section of their report. However, the appendices can contain the results of

the group work and may share common elements with the other reports. Therefore,

it is possible that your appendices have some matching elements with your other

team members, but your main body of report (5 pages) cannot share any similarity

in the text. Again, it means that you cannot copy-paste from each other and put it

in the main body of your report.

o The sample rubric used in grading the case report is available on the last page of

the syllabus. The students are able to see the feedback on their individual report,

the rubric of their grade and instructor comments on Turnitin. You can learn how

to see the details of the feedback and your grade on Turnitin via the following link:


Step 2: Role Preparation

Right after the deadline to submit your evaluation report (see the syllabus for the

deadline), you will see your role and your role preparation starts. Make sure to

bring all your material and files on a laptop or tablet to the class. If you do not

have a laptop, you can borrow a laptop from the circulation desk at library. If you

do not have a laptop, it is strongly recommended that you reserve the laptop at the

library for the class dates that involve the simulation and also inform the

instructor about your equipment requirement.

 Once assigned a role, read the Introduction screen to familiarize yourself with your


 Review the Historical Stock Price screen to learn more about the companies’ financial


Step 3: Analyze & Decide

There are two rounds in the simulation:

 Round 1: starts on the session marked in the syllabus as “HB 7: Wine M & A session

1” o Instructor will discuss about some hints on the merger. Then, students start working on the

case in the class (students start to work on Round 1):

 Student work is to modify assumptions:

Read the confidential information provided about your assigned role.

o What is the objective of modifying assumptions? Set Reservation Prices

Determine reservation prices. Each role must input reservation values for both Bel

Vino and Starshine. Reservation prices are due by 10am on the date for “HB

7: Wine M & A session 2”. Important: make sure to understand the effect of your

role on determining reservation prices: If you are a buyer, the reservation price for

your target is the highest price you would be willing to pay. If you are a seller, the

reservation price for your own company is the lowest price you would be willing

to accept. For example, let’s assume you are BV. Your reservation price for BV:

you are the seller => Reservation price is the lowest that you accept to be acquired

for. Reservation price for SS: you are the buyer => Reservation price is the highest

that you accept to acquire SS.

 Round 2

o Submit Bids

Negotiate with the other users and/or submit offers before the deadline set at

3:30pm on the date for “HB 7: Wine M & A session 2”. Simulation ends when

either a deal has reached or the time is up. You have the option to withdraw your

offer only before the counterparty accepts it.

 If you are SS, your offer involves only an exchange ratio AND you also receive offers for merger from BV or cash offers from IB.

 If you are BV, your offer involves only an exchange ratio AND you also receive offers for merger from SS or cash offers from IB.

 If you are IB, your offer involves a cash offer to either BV or SS while you consider financial viability of your offer.

 The best deal happens for you when either you sell your company at the highest price possible or buy another company at the lowest price possible.

Important: make sure to first fill out both comments boxes titled as “source of

value” and “negotiation strategy”. Make sure to also keep updating the boxes. Students are expected to make a deal, only if they face favorable conditions. Based

on your analysis of each company AND your reservation prices, you should be able

to justify why you did OR did not make a deal in these boxes.

You can click on the calculator on the top corner of the page which will help you

to make a reasonable bid, based on your role.

 If you are SS or BV, the calculator helps you to decide about exchange ratio.

 If you are IB, the calculator helps you to decide about the offer and your financing strategy.



I tried starting on the individual case simulation by completing the Valuation Exercise, but I still can’t

seem to find my assigned role.


You role will be revealed after you submit your evaluation report. At the start, you are expected to write

the evaluation report without knowing your role. Hence, your evaluation report is independent from

your role at the start. After you learn your role, you will be able to re-evaluate the firms based on your

updated information.


I received valuation spreadsheets for Starshine and Bel Vino. Does this mean I play the part of

International Beverage?


No, at this stage, your role is not revealed to you. Hence, your role has no effect on the preliminary

evaluation report. However, after your role is assigned, your evaluation practice will help you to

make decisions on the case.


I received no financial information for International Beverage. How am I supposed to calculate the

value of the firm pre-merger and thus determine a value of the synergy and reservation price

without this information?


You are not expected to evaluate a company for which you have not received the information yet. It

is a friendly reminder that, in M&A, you can evaluate the synergy even without knowing acquirer

financial information as we discussed in the class.

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