Organizations and individuals engaged in global trade must adapt to the opportunities and challenges created by doing business across borders.
Select a continent where your organization (or a company for which you want to work) is currently operating or wishes to operate.
Outline how change can be managed for a company that has never done business outside of the U.S.
Create a 10-to 12-slide communication plan in Microsoft® PowerPoint®, with speaker notes.
Define the contribution of employee empowerment as a catalyst for change into a global organization.
Explain how you can motivate and manage change, taking into account the following concepts:
Change Management and the Basic Functions of Management
Adapting to workforce diversity, cultural and language differences, and foreign customs
Include at least four peer reviewed references.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

I want to start this LT assignment early as we have another thing to do so I outlined the portion that each team may discuss. In this LT Assignment, we will still use University of Phoenix as our organization to incorporate

Explain how you can motivate and manage change considering change Management and the Basic Functions of Management

FYI: Please put references and speaker notes on your slide and each team member should make 3 power point slides on their presentation

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