Exhibition review

Exhibition review

The first assignment for this course consists in writing a review of the Vige´e Le Brun exhibition. To assist you in completing this assignment, please read the following: Sylvan Barnett, “Writing a Review of an Exhibition,” A Short Guide to Writing About Art (Toronto: Pearson, 2011), 157- 174 (available on cuLearn). Your review should provide the reader with a good idea of the exhibition topic and its content, as well as its layout and structure. The objective of this assignment is to ensure that you have a good grasp of Vige´e Le Brun’s oeuvre and that you spent time looking at actual artworks.

The exhibition is not just want public learn but also want to please the public
The Entry is on purpose to make looks like salon not just looking good but also make sense of you are in the Salon.
There are 7 section in the exhibition include all paintings for her early till later work.
Section 1 Self-Portrait
-The first painting show she is not just painter but also a friend with royal family.
-Connect paintings to welcome viewers.
-Painting “Self Portrait 1808 “
-Dress most fashion. She wear hat a little bit back, to show her beautiful hair which is famous at that time pairs.

Section 2 Family Circle
First is a portrait of her father.
Her father was a quite successful portrait painter, but he died when she was 12.
She married in a early age. Her husband is a good art dealer at that time in the Europe.
In 17th C. women don’t have own social state , because her husband is a art dealer she can not join the academic salon.
– painting “julie le brun as flora “ “peace bringing back abundance “

Section 3 Madame Vigee Le Brun official portrait
5 years before she become academic
-painting “Marie Antoinette and her Children”
most important painting
Never left Pairs
-paingting “ Alexandre Charles Emmanuel de Crussol-Florensac. 1787 “

Section 4 French Elegance
-Painting “The Marquise de Pezay, and the Marquise de Rougé with Her Sons Alexis and Adrien, 1787 “
The top of her career
First time use landscape as back ground.

Section 5 The Paths of Exile : Italy, Vienna
She start use most Landscape as background
-painting “ Isabella Teotochi Marini 1792 “
“ Giovanni Paisiello 1791 “

Section 6 White nights in Saint Petersburg
-Painting “Grand Duchesses Alexandra Pavlovna and Elena Pavlovna 1796”
– “ The Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexeyevna Arranging Flowers 1795 “

Section 7 Her Swan song
– Only one landscape painting in the exhibition “ Festival of the Shepherds at Unspunnen, August 17 , 1808”
– Madame de Stael as Corinne at Cape Miseno ,1807-09

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