Final Project Consumer Behavior

Final Project Consumer Behavior

Part 1: Consumer Behavior Journal, Advertising (3-4 pages)

Over three one-week periods, track the advertising activities of a product of your choosing. This can include any marketing medium such radio, television, billboards, web, and mobile devices. Please do not collect data for 21 disparate days. We’re trying to find patterns in advertising of the product. Determine and note the multiple branding messages and images used in each ad and be prepared to discuss the differences in the portfolio paper.

At the end of each seven-day period (seven consecutive days), identify which ad aired the most and which medium was most used. Then, address the following questions in the journal:

Why did you choose this particular product
Which of Maslow’s needs are exemplified in each ad
What types of ad are used: informative, persuasive, comparative How effective are they See Chapter 8’s “Measuring Media’s Advertising Effectiveness” in Consumer Behavior for insight.
Part 2: Consumer Behavior Journal, Advertising Essay (5-7 pages)

At the end of the three weeks, choose the three advertisements you saw or heard the most. Your paper should cover the following assessment for each of the three ads:

Discuss the ad strategy most used by this brand and its effectiveness in reaching its target audience. How conspicuously were Maslow’s needs integrated within the ad
Include a summary of the images and branding messages used in the ads and determine the feasibility of persuading or informing viewers about the product. If the ads were comparative, define the strategy used to employ this type of ad and discuss the effectiveness of comparison between the products. If the ads were persuasive, discuss what methods were used to gain the attention of the viewer such as celebrity use, etc. If the ads were informative, detail what information was presented and how. Discuss whether the ad included sufficient information necessary for viewers to walk away with meaningful knowledge about the product.
Referring to Chapter 5, indicate which cognitive learning models you think the companies were trying to employ in the ads and detail the model to showcase your comprehension of it and its relevance to the ads.
To successfully complete this Portfolio, you must:

Submit a total of 8-12 pages, not including title or reference pages
Include at least six outside sources that support your discussion.
Ensure that both your journal and your paper are well written and formatted APA Requirements

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