Financial Administration (Budget)

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You now need to submit APA approved abstract and reference pages with a minimum of five primary references for your Research Paper. If you have questions regarding APA abstract or reference pages please see the examples provided by the CSU Library. Your abstract should remain in the APA required range of 150-250 words.
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Below is the outline I would like to use:

I. The Duties of a Financial Administrator.

1. The rolls of a Financial administration in an organization.

A. Budgeting

B. Account Management

C. Investment Support

II. Keeping veteran s officers and too train new officers.

2. Facilitate the exchange of services and goods.

A. Improper Equipment can cause an officer to resign from a department.

B. Money being used to buy proper equipment and better training for Law Enforcement.

III. Methods that can make the effectiveness and efficiencies of an organization better.

3. An efficient organizational structure can help your business operate and grow in a manner that you can better manage
A. Good Morale

B. Communication

C. Decision masking skills

IV. Some organization tend to overspend and end up going broke. Other start moving money from one account to another to keep from showing any red flags. This tend to put the budget in to deeper debit causing for a company to get audit.

4. The Purpose of an Audit & Evaluation for a Budget.

A. Improper use of Funds

B. Collect data for a budget reports.

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