food and sustainability

As you revise and complete Essay 2, ask yourself what is most problematic about the topic you chose. Every issue is different, but not matter what topic you selected, you should be able to identify a specific problem associated with it. Your first step is to identify it.
2. Once you have identified a problem, you will need to persuade your audience that it is indeed a problem in need of fixing. You will, in other words, need to make a specific claim about the problem.
3. After identifying a significant problem associated with your issue, your next step will be to create a viable solution. How might you address this problem Is your solution feasible In order to describe the extent of the problem and to propose a workable solution, you will need to research your topic. You should have at least eight sources, including newspaper, magazine, and journal articles (print or electronic); books; documentary films; news broadcasts; and personal interviews (see me first if you wish to include an interview). At least two of your sources need to be peer-reviewed journal articles.
4. Your final draft needs to be 2,000 words long (6-8 pages, depending on which font you use). Sources must be cited according to either MLA or APA documentation standards.
5. In addition to writing a 2,000-word argumentative essay, you will also produce an Annotated Bibliography for this assignment. This will include five sources that you plan to incorporate into your essay, along with a 100-word summary/evaluation of how each of them contributed to your argument.

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