For the Week 2 Forum, please complete the following:

fire department in united states


1.  Search the internet and find a fire department’s Community Risk Reduction webpage.  (If you currently work at a fire department, this must be a department other than your own.)

2.  Provide the link to the webpage.

3.  Give an overview of the services they provide to the community in terms of risk reduction. 

4.  Briefly describe how you feel these risk reduction programs are beneficial to (a) the residents of the community, and (b) the fire department.  

Hint:  If you are having trouble finding a fire department, you may find some ideas at the FSMT288 Scoopit page on the web.  This webpage is a compilation of materials that  students in this course have contributed in previous classes.  New contributions are always welcome and appreciated.


 Please write a minimum of 250 words for your initial post due by 11:55pm ET on Thursday.      


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