Framing Differences in Television

Paper details
It is quite formulaic–please address each of these items in the paper.
1) Similarities/differences in the author(s)’ central arguments (not just the topic of the article). Identify each of the authors’ main arguments and explain how they work together.

1-2 paragraphs

2) the main themes raised by the author(s) (minimally 2 themes) Ideally, these 2-3 themes should be present in BOTH of the readings. Identify the theme and explain how it pertains to each of the readings.

1 paragraph per theme

3) questions for discussion or a response to the reading in the form of commentary which critiques and/or compares the weekly readings with other articles and/or brings in relevant personal examples that seek to support or disprove the authors’ arguments

1-2 paragraphs

The papers are to be two pages long–double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins

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