FYC:Journal 5 Prompt (Group B)

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English 1100: FYC
Journal 5 Prompt (Group B)

In The Politics of Remediation, Rose begins his work at The Tutorial Center where, for the first time, he is not working with marginal students or students with a history of failure. Instead, he works with students who had performed well in high school and were now experiencing difficulties in college. The stories of students in The Politics of Remediation seem, on the surface, to be very different from Mike Rose s own experiences. He came from a lower socio-economic class and struggled through much of his high school career. However, the students he encounters in The Politics of Remediation have problems actually very similar to his.

Part 1: On pages 192-194, Rose discusses becoming more comfortable and skillful in certain areas of his study, for example Shakespeare and Marx. Discuss how students experiences in The Politics of Remediation connect to Rose s learning, for example, how to read philosophy or literature. In your analysis, use at least two students from the chapter (Suzette, Andrea, James, Denise, Marita, or Lucia) to discuss the comparisons.

In Reclaiming the Classroom, Rose introduces us to Willie, a vet who spent time in prison but went on to become an English major at a state university, as well as to David Gonzalez, who is forty years old and close to retirement from the Marines, and struggling to receive a “C.” Rose works with these students on an individual basis to help them overcome their stumbling blocks and learn to express themselves better.

Part 2: Explain in detail what in Willie s or David s backgrounds are at odds with what the standard classroom expects of students. What argument is Rose making through these two stories

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