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Reflective Post #5
This week we have discussed dog fighting and pit bulls and their perception in society. Using the information from class, as well as what is provided in this week’s post, answer the following questions.

Be reflective of the material you have been introduced to throughout the week while looking through these materials. You should answer the questions below in at least 500 words using specific examples from class and the materials you will look through. Each question is worth 5 points, and you must answer all questions completely, with quality answers to receive full points (being sure to use specific examples from class when asked). Failure to cite examples from class, or answer all questions completely will result in a loss of points.

Watch the following clips of the rescue of Michael Vick’s dogs by Best Friends Animal Society: Part 1 (all): v=9v0hBLl5qKE
Part 2 (2:50-8:00): v=U2BDy9oD6qM
Part 3 (9:00 – end): v=iJwZYi_Zhq4
Part 4 (all): v=–lA5tpQHpY

Updates: Cherry and Georgia were eventually adopted from Best Friends Animal Society, Georgia has since passed away from old age.

1. What are your general thoughts after watching this video, and after considering what you have learned over the course of this week about pit bulls, dangerous dogs, dog fighting, and breed discriminatory legislation Have any of your views changed as a result of what you’ve seen this week Be sure to use one example from the video and one example specifically from lecture to discuss your thoughts.

2. In the video, what type of dog was Cherry assumed to be (there’s a specific term they used), and what happens with these dogs in a dog fighting operation What were their assumptions about Georgia When examined by the vet, what did he discover about her, and what were his assumptions about her history What is the rape stand used for

3. Consider breed bans as discussed in class this week. Using information from class and the video (at least 1 example from each) discuss if these are effective for preventing dog bites in communities. Are some breeds inherently more dangerous than others based on behavior alone (realizing larger dogs can physically cause more damage than smaller dogs of any breed)

4. Looking at dog bite statistics, how could reports of which breeds of dogs bite more frequently be inaccurate Consider what we discussed in class regarding media bias and breed identification, and be sure to use at least one example from class to back up your thoughts.

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