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Global Link UK
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Global Link UK
‘Global link UK’ is a London-based advertising Company. The company has been performing poorly for quite some time now and its profit margin continues to fall.
You have been recently hired as a business consultant to recommend and implement appropriate problem solving and time management strategies in order to deal with the following work-based problems and motivate staff for effective and efficient performance.
The following problems have been identified:
• High staff turnover
• High level of absenteeism
• Low level of employee motivation
• Very little opportunities for employee training and development
• Low levels of employee engagement and involvement as a result of lack of communication between the top management and the employees.
• Time management issues such as poor time keeping and missing project deadlines by the employees are evident throughout the company.

1. Select appropriate solutions to the above work-based problems. (AC 4.1)
2. a. Write a formal letter to the CEO of Global link UK to organise meeting for all staff members and management team in order to communicate solutions to the identified work based problems at Global link.
b. Prepare power point slides to effectively communicate the solutions to the identified work based problems. (AC 4.2) 6 slides

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